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2017 Puma trip

Back from another great puma trip, this year we made important changes that gave our guests amazing encounters and photographs with puma. Being in Patagonia during winter time made the difference, because the days are much shorter and colder, the light is almost always good plus, a little snow made it easier to find and follow the tracks. We had a couple of days with strong wind, but it was still awesome.

Thanks to our team work we had pumas every single day during 37 days. We followed them hunting, watched them feed on fresh guanaco kills and photographed mother and cubs playing down the shore line of awesome lakes.

Some of these cats got as close as 4 meters, and it was an incredible experience in an impressive place with stunning landscapes all around. Birds where part of the trip as well, as we photographed the torrent duck, black chested buzzard eagle, Andean caracara, Andean condor and pigmy owl.

We had already set everything for 2018 hoping to another great puma experience in Patagonia.

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