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2017 Pantanal trip

Back from another amazing trip to Pantanal, Mato Groso, Brazil. We’ve been 16 days photographing jaguars, giant otters, tapir, monkeys, caimans, deers and birds.

This time we traveled almost at the end of the dry season, during late October. The main difference is that all of the rivers have less water, the weather its warmer and you can have short intense rains but the animals and among all of them, the jaguars have the same behavior than early in the season. There were less boats around and this makes the difference when we find the big cats, gave us the chance to have magic moments in silence taking beautiful photographs and being witness of this magnificent predator.

We had 37 jaguar encounters in 15 days, some with the same animal, we found the same female 3 times, one day with her two 3 months old cubs, just walking along the river shore line and swimming. They were always checking us but confidence, not shy at all. They allow us to full fill many memory cards with our cameras before they disappeared walking into the forest.

Pantanal is a box full of surprises, you never know what is going to happen, wildlife is vast and exuberant and moving with care and patience all of their creatures show up doing their daily routine.

It doesn’t matter how many times we come to Pantanal, it will be always another new exiting experience.

We thank our guest Maria Jose Gadea that kindly shared her beautiful images with us for this blog.

We already started receiving reservations for Pantanal 2018 trips and we invite you to visit our website to check the info about this holiday. Please contact us for available places, dates and more information.

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