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Pumas and Condors- getting there!

After driving 2000 miles, 600 across the Pampas, and 1400 crossing Patagonia from North to South, we arrived to the Chilean town of Punta Arenas, one of the first cities in Patagonia, its main port of entry for the Europeans who colonized and populated the region. Winter has been very mild and the lakes and ponds that are usually frozen, have now little water, but all in liquid form. As we were getting here, we were greeted by Chilean Flamingoes Phoenicopterus chilensis), amazingly colorful and in large numbers. A lot of people think Flamingoes are seen only in the tropics, but Patagonia is full of them. Tomorrow, we drive North, into Torres del Paine National Park, trying to find one of the largest and most elegant wild cats, the Puma.

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