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Patagonia safari 2016, stage 1

Cameras in hand, we started our journey to Torres del Parque National Park, in the search of Puma, one of the many names that Puma concolor is known as. The second largest cat in the American continent, is also called Mountain Lion, and we can testify in favor of its name. We walked the park, in every direction, up, and down, looking for this exclusive creature, capable of disappearing in front of us, in the low grasslands. One of the best ways to find them is to check the way their favorite prey, the Guanaco, are behaving. Their alarm calls, alert us of the Puma’s presence. We then look for a subtle movement of the brush, an ear popping over a bush, or even the Puma, trotting in plain sight of the Guanaco and the avid photographers. Sometimes, we see them just a few meters away, and sometimes, we find them cruising the steppes, out of our reach. Fortunately, we spend enough days in Torres del Paine to be able to get what we came for. A great photo of the Puma. We also come back with great landscapes, that include glaciers, the famous Torres, and incredibly beautiful lakes. Our journey is to be continued into Argentina, for a quick stop at one of the few advancing glaciers in the world…to be continued.

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