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Orca Photography Trip

Orcas belong to the cetaceans, and inside this category, to the family of the toothed whales along with the dolphins. This mammal is the biggest one among the dolphin family. They are usually known as Killer Whales due to their vast diversity of prey’s. At Punta Norte and Caleta Valdés their hunting method consist in intentionally stranding on the shore to capture their preys and then moving back into the water with energetic dorsal movements taking the prey alive in order to share their hunt with the other orca.​​

We offer the opportunity to live a unique experience in virgin natural surroundings of incredible beauty. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore areas of highly restricted access to tourists and only reserved for scientists and professional photographers (many of which have worked and done research for National Geographic, Discovery Chanel and BBC ​among others).
You will get the opportunity to be face to face with this magnificent predator while always assisted by a professional photographer with more than 10 years of experience in the area.
Due to the limited number of rooms, we suggest booking 6 months in advance before the desired visit date.
We also suggest safaris of no less than 7 days long because of the changing weather conditions and the unpredictable behavior of the orcas.



Holiday details



From March 31st to April 8th 2024

From November 1st to November 12th 2024


Trip leader

Pablo Cersosimo



Cost per week on a double room base

Contact us for quotation





We recommend to book with a 6 month in advance time due to the limited quantity of rooms available.


Cost includes

Land transportation within the estancia, local guiding , accommodation, all meals and beverages (alcoholic ones too).


Cost excludes

International and domestic flights, transportation from the airport to the lodge and back, laundry, telephone calls.



Our accommodation is a comfortable rural hotel. Rooms can be single, double or triple.


Level of fitness

This is a fairly active trip so a certain level of fitness would be recommendable. We may also wait for many hours in different spots as well. Days can be very quiet but also very active depending on the orcas behavior.


LEVEL 4 – 5



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