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Wild South Photography is synonymous of Great Photographic and Filming sessions, and great photography is an overall experience involving far more than the actual Photography itself. It is a combination of adventures with a great service, in the hands of experienced and full-time professionals. 

Because we are wildlife photographers ourselves and passionate naturalists, we are most qualified to help you find the best spots for you to work while we assist you.

Pablo Cersosimo

Professional photographer and naturalist for over 20 years, with innumerable trips throughout the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia, the Pantanal in Brazil and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador among other country's 

He has worked for several magazines and advertising campaigns as well as a book publisher.

He collaborated with his puma images with Jim Williams, author of the book "Path of the Puma". 

He founded Wild South Photography, Inc. in 2011

His work can be seen at: 

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