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Our approach

Successful wildlife photography requires many attributes, and these go beyond having the appropriate camera equipment and knowing how to use it quickly and creatively.

These technical capabilities are skills that we will look to share and pass on when you join any trip or workshop, as well as before and after the event through our regular newsletters and our general approachability.

What we can’t teach or even impress enough on you though is patience and a degree of realism when it comes to your own expectations. All of our trips are very carefully planned to optimise the photographic opportunities of a particular country, region, location or subjects that the trips’ marketing highlights. This may mean a few more early mornings or late evenings (or even both); that is the difference between trips seeking the optimum when it’s there to be had, and those following a fixed itinerary or program regardless. We believe the images that you will achieve from this approach will be well worth the extra effort and it is what drives us in terms of our own professional standards.

There may also be occasions on trips when conditions are less than optimal – the weather may simply not be working with us, species may not appear or behave as we might have hoped they would. That is the very nature of wildlife – and it is not something we can or will ever be able to control. Therefore we ask that you fully understand this before you travel with us. We don’t look at our trips as a tick-list, rather the chance to be with helpful professionals in great locations looking to respond to the opportunities that we will create based on our experience.

You can also be assured that on each trip, we take our conservation responsibilities very seriously too – animal and habitat welfare are and will always be the number one priority for us. We strongly believe that no image will ever be worth breaking the personal, moral or legal code in any circumstance.

All of that said, we always try to run things in a light-hearted and enjoyable manner – we never forget that you are on holiday after all. And we like to think that’s why we have such a high percentage of guests who come back on further trips or workshops with us; and the fact that we believe that adopting this overall approach to photography is what will give you what you are most likely to be looking for – an enjoyable experience, good company, engaging wildlife experiences and returning with images that you are genuinely pleased with.

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