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We will meet in Santiago de Chile with the time necessary to board our flight to the city of Calama. There our driver will be waiting for us to drive us for approximately an hour and a half to the town of San Pedro de Atacama where we will stay during our stay in Atacama.

Due to the height at which we will be 2,500 meters above sea level and to which we will climb, up to 5,000 meters, the first two days we will visit places up to 3,500 meters and then in the following days we will reach the highest places.


The routine of each day will be to wake up early, before dawn, have breakfast and leave with the first lights towards the various destinations.


The photography of landscapes surrounded by volcanoes, some of them in activity and of the sky at night will be our main objective, but also the salt flats visited by the 3 species of hundreds of flamingos that feed on them.


The town of San Pedro de Atacama is a warm place full of life with a typical architecture of the highlands of the region that will also give us opportunities to experience its gastronomy.


On the last day we will take a flight back to Santiago de Chile around noon and we will spend the last night in a nice hotel in the Chilean capital to take our flights back home the next morning.



In terms of camera gear then the longest lens you have will be needed (300mm with converter as a minimum really and 500mm + ideal) along with tripod. You will definitely want some shorter lenses for the array of landscape and milky way shot opportunities (70-200mm and 24-70mm say) and a set of polarizing and grad filters will be good too if you have them and are used to working with them. You will need storage devices for the array of images you’ll build up and a laptop for viewing these on the evenings can be both sociable and also good for critiquing purposes. 


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