Wild puma photography safari trip in Patagonia, South America

We learn that a Guanaco (Lama guanaco) has been killed, surely by a Puma, close to the lake shore. This is a great opportunity to see Condors in action, but our first day takes us, on horseback, to the top of high cliffs. Condors usually perch or nest under the cliffs,...

Cameras in hand, we started our journey to Torres del Parque National Park, in the search of Puma, one of the many names that Puma concolor is known as. The second largest cat in the American continent, is also called Mountain Lion, and we can testify in favor of its n...

Our journey to Pantanal, the largest wetlands in the world, located in our neighbor’s back yard, with a few gateways, started early, before sunrise, flying to Cuiaba, state of Mato Grosso, Brazil! Before sunrise is the norm,, in the tropics, because both sunrise and su...

One of the most amazing things about condors is that they fly like an engineless airplane. Unless you find them on the ground, you don’t see them flap their wings. They change course by tipping their wings, or an invisible movement of their feathers. 

When the wind stop...

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Jaguars in the wild, Pantanal safari 2016

August 15, 2016

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